Happy Holidays & 2012 Recap

Folks, the yuletide is here again and the sizzles in technology trends is far from over. The year in review tends to explore the biggest flop and ingenuity in the internet technology landscape.

Microsoft indeed has demonstrated genuine desire to reposition and overhaul its product offerings in line with users demands and better overall experience.

And the result have clearly shown in the classic Outlook.com, which is email revolutionized - featuring next generation seamless integration to popular social networks and Cloud storage, also with spotting the web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. On social networking technology, Microsoft So.cl (pronounced "Social") is perhaps one of the most innovative cook-up since the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest revolution. So.cl is rather the unification of the three top social networking hubs, and not a blatant copy of any.

Google as it seems can never been relegated to the background, the technology giant is ever visible in all arrays of internet technologies. Albeit, the search engine and contextual targeted advertising remains its strongholds.

The scrapping of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync by Google may mean more than is currently envisaged. Google Drive as a business proposition is the next  line of action for the technology giant and 2013 will see the fruition of the fundamental game plan.

The Open source community is well, no threats from the incumbencies, as the open web is an ideal that must be pursued, even Microsoft is beginning to agree.

Mobile web and the emerging technologies will see more actions in the coming year, thanks to HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications.

What more can we say than to thank you our dear readers for an awesome and eventful year in internet technology coverage. Wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous 2013.
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