Predictions: Internet Trends for 2013

It has become a tradition on Questechie to highlight what we believe will be the dominating technologies on the internet for the New Year. Indeed, technology is very dynamic and the big players are always on their toes in terms of innovation. Again, the system is such that innovations follow on what is already on the ground, more reason it can be accurately predicted. Below are our Predictions for 2013.

Cloud Computing: Earlier in the year, Google debuted its Cloud Storage service, Google Drive to augment the growing cloud computing technology, with the promise of reliability and security which hitherto had been the bane for the general adoption of the emerging technology by enterprises. And with the increasing emphases on web applications, even as Microsoft have included the web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on its revolutionary webmail service all based on Cloud storage, may mean a broader adoption of cloud computing by enterprises.

Smartphone Wars: The mobile web is currently the new power zone, with Microsoft haven repositioned its operating system, Windows 8 to embracing mobile devices and the growing advances of the Google open-source OS, Android; also not forgetting the purported comeback of RIM with its BlackBerry 10 devices, will be turning the mobile terrain into a battle ground.

Web Applications: With the HTML5 specifications attaining "feature-complete" status and Canvas 2D standardization in sight, developers will become more daring in churning-out innovative web applications.

Mobile Web: Already a great chunk of internet traffic is credited to the mobile web. The coming year will witness more activities via that platform with the plethora of mobile devices been released. Therefore, the current social networks battle will be decided on domination on the mobile platform and the most innovative will definitely rule.

Real-time Analytics: Driven by the social web, real-time analytics that will translate to actionable ideas for businesses will become a focal point. And businesses that have embraced such analytical concept will flourish.

The list is nonetheless inexhaustible; so we would like to know your own predictions in the comment section below.
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