Semantic Search: Introducing The Knowledge Graph

Google has unveiled a new search innovation known as the Knowledge Graph, as an augmented large data scale, to tap into the collective intelligence of the web to enable discovery of information more quickly and easily. According to the official Google Search Blog, this latest innovation marks a critical first step towards building the next generation of internet search.

The Knowledge Graph is an attempt into machine learning search technology, making search engine think as human, an intelligent model that understands real-world entities and their relationships without strings.

Google's Knowledge Graph cuts-across popular landmarks, celebrities, places, events, movies, works of art, geographical regions and more, providing instant information that is relevant to search queries. It automatically culls-up relevant information on simple topics like: places, people or things, eliminating the conventional search mechanism whereby internet search involves several clicks through piles of websites to arrive at desired result.

The roll-out of the service has commenced with U.S English users, and also available on smartphones and Tablet devices.

Google hopes the added intelligence will enable users engage more into web services, as the task of information discovery becomes more less time consuming and easier by Google Search.
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