Yahoo Axis: Search Visualization Browser

Yahoo against all odds, went on to launch an innovative 'search browser' termed Yahoo Axis late Wednesday. Albeit, early review painted the browser in bad light in regards to security, given a discovery by an astute hacker, Nik Cubrilovic on his personal blog, (but, the security glitch is now fixed) the search browser add-on innovation simply means Yahoo is not yet giving-up on the search market.

Yahoo Axis, unlike conventional web browsers is not a replacement for the later on desktop, rather it serves as a browser add-on to enhance visualized search experience. It comes as a free plug-in for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari web browsers on desktop computers and PCs.

Whilst, its application on mobile takes the form of a full-fledged mobile browser app, available for iPhone and iPad, with an Android version still in the works.

Installation of the plug-in on desktop comes really easy, and once installed, the add-on appears as a search bar at the bottom of the web browser. With users signed-in to Yahoo, Facebook and Google given the option to setup favorite websites and have Axis remember same for future reference.

Yahoo Axis uniqueness stems on the syncing ability across devices, with fast and simple user interface, presents an undeniable surfing pleasure especially on iOS platforms. Overall, the search visualization cum browser innovation may perhaps herald a new breakthrough for the dwindling Yahoo search service.
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