Live: Bing Social Integration

Microsoft Bing's social search integration which has long been in the news went live today according to Bing Search Blog. It brings the integration of Facebook information stream into open search, with the possibility of bringing "social intelligence" in overall search experience.

The integration of people and search was made possible through a dedicated "social sidebar", bringing the social connections to bear in regular search patterns. it means tapping into the expertise of your networks to find relevant information through internet searches.

Bing suggest friends on Facebook who may have knowledge of your search terms through your social connections based on their "likes".

Unlike Google Plus Your World, which puts the social integration direct into regular search results, Bing's provision for a dedicated social sidebar is a plus. However, as to the actual tapping of social intelligence into the search experience, Bing does not yet get its act right. Albeit that the search innovation is perhaps too early for substantial reviewing.

The New Bing social search throws up people in your Facebook connections whom may be familiar to your search terms based on their likes instead of related pages or group information.

There is also the tool for building queries about topics common to the people in your connection you specifically selected as "Friends who might know" list. The actual application of this tool may be rather off-hand for some users, as the processes are mechanical.

In conclusion, the fact that internet search generally have come to acknowledge the need for personalized information really points to the next generation web. How the social web will impact accurate search and information retrieval through collective intelligence remains to be seen.
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