Firefox Mobile Embraces HTML5

Firefox Mobile which made debut on October 2010 has now extended full support to the open web standard HTML5, excluding the incumbent platform, Flash, completely from its support. Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo devices in a post on the company blog Tuesday.

Mozilla's stance on the open web platform has never been in doubt, albeit that Android is currently romancing Adobe to incorporating its Flash to work effectively on mobile devices, had gone all the way to excluding the platform from its present support list.

Firefox for mobile, however, is built on the same technology platform as the web version, with the emerging technology standards like HTML5 and CSS, developers can build rich, interactive applications.

The outstanding features on the Firefox Mobile for Android and Maemo includes: Streamlined Interface, Private and Secure Synchronization, and Customization. The cutting edge web development tools which comprises of CSS, Canvas and SVG supported by Firefox will ensure the effective utilization of the platform in developing exciting web applications.

Additionally, HTML5 support on Firefox Mobile for Android and Maemo includes location-based browsing technologies, device orientation, accelerometer, and desktop notification among others.

Firefox for Mobile is now offered in more than 10 languages and available for download on the Android Market place and on Maemo devices.
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