Chrome OS: What To Expect?

Google is notorious for disruptive technologies, and such is expected from its new operating system that is purported to make debut  mid 2011. Chrome OS is a Linux based operating system designed to work exclusively with web apps, which according to early buzz will incorporate media player and browser only.

The line of contention, however, falls on the relationship that will exist between its erstwhile mobile operating system, Android, and the new beast in the making.

Chrome OS comes packed with outstanding features, most notable ones being, sophisticated and secure sandbox technology, and cloud-based storage facility. The differentiators being the way the two operating systems run applications, Android platform requires download and installation of apps, while on Chrome OS, Chrome web store will be the main directory for software.

Google's obsessions for speed is again brought to the fore, as Chrome OS loads in seconds rather than minutes.

Those whose interests cut across web applications running efficiently on tablet devices will definitely need to wait for the Chrome OS.
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