How Technology is bringing Ease and Convenience in the Home (Infographic)

Houzz Smart home trends study shows that 45% of homeowners in the U.S. have planned to install some form of technology into their homes during remodeling projects. And the technology ranges anywhere from voice activated lights to surveillance equipment or wireless speakers.

While people generally like the idea of being able to use their voice, mobile device, or tablet to turn off lights when they aren’t home, for instance. But many turn to smart home devices as a form of entertainment, too.

Nowadays, homeowners are leaning towards the world of smart technology since it allows for ease with such possibilities as voice control to switch on gadgets and so forth. And it’s pretty easy to walk into a home and say, “Alexa, turn on the lights,” instead of having to scramble for your cell phone light after digging around in your bag.

From the way smartphones and other technology have impacted our personal lives, the technology is quickly becoming more and more apparent in our houses and apartments. Find below a comprehensive Infographic on how technology is bringing ease and convenience in the home brought to you by GNP Realty Partners.

How Technology is bringing Ease and Convenience in the Home
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