Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring to help developers in fixing problems in their apps

Google has announced the beta release of Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring, a tool designed to give developers a comprehensive way of checking the status of their Kubernetes applications.

While developers ship code and operations in Google Cloud, which deals with all the managing, monitoring and troubleshooting, it sometimes make more sense to put some of these responsibilities back in the hands of the developers.

Google is bringing together logs, metrics and events across the various Kubernetes pieces including workloads containers, pods and clusters; with signals from underlying infrastructure to give developers a much more comprehensive view of their Kubernetes app.

According to JD Velásquez, product manager for Kubernetes at Google, "Stackdriver is a hosted solution from Google Cloud. It can monitor anything in Google Cloud, while Prometheus is tool you [would] use on prem. When you want single pane of glass, you can pull metrics from GCP and Prometheus on prem."

What this means is that Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring brings together a couple of key pieces including Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Prometheus, a popular open source tool for monitoring Kubernetes in on-prem installations.

And with Prometheus connection, it’s taking the cloud-native ethos to prime by giving a comprehensive view across on-prem and cloud-based Kubernetes installations.

This is perhaps another example of how Google is creating products based on the ones they've created in-house to monitor their own systems, as Kubernetes was derived from Borg, an in-house container orchestration tool it uses internally to manage massive cloud applications like Google Docs.
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