JavaScript toolkit, Dojo 2 offers support for Modern Web applications

The JavaScript toolkit Dojo 2 is the major update of the open source tool in over a decade, after it first made debut in 2004; with offerings for language utilities, UI components, and other tools for building modern web applications.

While the updated Dojo 2 leverages ECMAScript 2015 and later versions, TypeScript and other new web standards for building modern web apps with focus on interoperability and support for emerging technologies such as Intersection Observers and Web Animations.

Dojo 2 offers application-level routing focused on patterns to build applications from UI widgets, and support web components and progressive web apps. Also, it offers a reactive, virtual DOM-based widget system that includes meta providers to preserve reactivity for animations, focus, and resize events.

Other features include: container for JavaScript applications, inspired by Redux and Flux architectures.

The Dojo toolkit project is under the branch of JS Foundation, which was given birth from JQuery Foundation, and it cover projects like Dojo Toolkit and Grunt.

And JS Foundation is under the Linux Foundation and has backing from organizations like: IBM, Samsung, and Sauce Labs. So the Dojo 2 project has extensive support and input from all the communities covering the partnership.

As the foundation cultivate best practices among JavaScript application and server-side projects, it oversee such projects as the jQuery JavaScript library, the Appium testing automation framework, Dojo Toolkit, the ESLint linting utility, the JerryScript lightweight JavaScript engine, and the Mocha testing framework.
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