Microsoft's Mixer getting customization tools via partnership with Lightstream Studio

Mixer, a live streaming platform for video and games owned by Microsoft is giving its streamers a new way to customize their channels: add images, overlays, transitions, and text to their streams, or to switch between scenes.

This is possible through the company's partnership with Lightstream Studio which makes the tools available for creators to give their streams a more professional look-and-feel, without requiring much technical expertise.

The partnership will also allow streamers to route their feed into the web-based Lightstream Studio platform, and accessible through supported browsers on a PC, Mac or tablet.

Microsoft launched a dedicated new URL to allow streamers to use their phone as a remote control for changing their scenes, and gamers can use the Studio to create status screens like “Starting Soon,” or “Be Right Back,” then quickly rotate through them, as needed.

And Mixer Streamers are now able to direct their streams to Lightstream Studio from their mobile devices, PC, or their Xbox native broadcast.

The support for native Xbox streams is perhaps the main rallying point, albeit the integration will not impact other third-party services alert systems, such as StreamLabs, StreamJar or Tipeeestream, but they can link those accounts within their Lightstream settings.

Microsoft's effort is to bring the streaming service at par with Amazon-owned Twitch, which is arguably the leader in game streaming for both concurrent streamers and viewers, as well as rival YouTube Gaming.
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