Google Lens on Photos and Assistant provide fun facts about your pets

Lens is a new augmented reality (AR) feature in Google Photos app that can analyze any picture, and provide more background information about them, by scanning the photos.

Google at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, announced Lens' new ability to scan the photos of your pets, including dogs and cats, to extract more information and fun facts about the different breeds, and also allows you to create a themed movie of your pet.

The feature is live for both Google Photos app and its virtual Assistant, and Lens would be picking up “improved support for recognizing common animals and plants, like different dog breeds and flowers” in the coming weeks according to Google.

Google Photos will also be able to create photo books for cats and dogs, joining the existing ability to create a themed movie for your cat or dog.

Google stated that Lens for both Android and iOS can identify breeds and provide more information, which functionality is about now rolling out to all users. Albeit, this functionality is only live on Lens for select flagship devices, including Pixel line of devices.

Meanwhile, the feature is still relatively trivial, and perhaps Google is giving us more  reason to adopt using the lens: for instance, it can also scan a business card and serve up the name and phone number to enter into your address book.
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