Google looks to Rich Communications Services (RCS) as alternative to iMessage

Google is looking to Rich Communications Services (RCS), which is essentially an upgrade to SMS, with the robust messaging standard featuring capabilities found in third-party services like real-time typing and read notifications, to serve as alternative to iMessage.

While Apple's iMessage is an instant messaging service supported by the default messages application in Apple's devices running iOS 5 or OS X Mountain Lion up; now Google wish to create an Android alternative to iMessage.

The tech giant is reportedly pausing its investment in the development of Allo instant messaging app, to concentrate on RCS based Android alternative to Apple's iMessage.

The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) was initially formed by a group of leading industry players in 2007, but now officially adopted by GSMA with a Steering Committee established. And while at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016) festivities, the GSMA announced it’s partnership with Google and 15 global carriers to push the adoption of Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Lately, Google has been talking up RCS as the technology standard that makes things happen, with phones becoming more powerful and users expecting more functionality, like the ability to know when someone is typing a message back to them.

Google's refocus on RCS promises to give Android users some more nifty functionalities, such as location sharing and emoticons, read receipts and group chat options, among others.
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