Mozilla Firefox roadmap points to ad filter coming to the browser

Mozilla next update to its browser, Firefox is purportedly bundled with an ad filter, which follows after the recent Google's Chrome browser ad-blocking feature which took effect on February 15, 2018.

According to the Firefox roadmap note, Mozilla will take a stand against tracking, intrusive ads, and other dark patterns on the web by blocking the worst content and more clearly communicating the privacy and other protections the browser offers.

While the Quantum Firefox, version 57 is the most important Firefox release in years, culminating years of improvements on many of the pieces that allow the browser to work smoothly.

This year, Mozilla's focus is to include more mobile work, with new products like Lockbox, and targeted feature updates that will make the mobile apps silky smooth, more powerful, and a joy to use whether it's Firefox for Android, Firefox for iOS, Firefox for FireTV, or Firefox Focus and Klar.

And the feature Mozilla tagged ad filter rather than the more common ad blocker moniker, which defines the more broader screening of all ads from website pages.

Firefox ad filter would flag certain categories of ads, just as Chrome target ads determined as obnoxious by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), and then expunge only those advertisements. Albeit, the company did not disclose any third-party censorship standard it will employ, or whether it will toe the line of Google with the CBA.

The ad filtering capability is expected in Firefox 62 (due for Aug. 21) or Firefox 63 (for Oct. 15 release date).

The roadmap focuses primarily on the Firefox consumer products, as such developers will not be left out and will see significant improvements to the Firefox web platform and the expansion of developer and designer tools.
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