Windows 10 version 1511 (November Update) set to be retired in April

Microsoft announced back in February the end of supplemental servicing for Windows 10, version 1511, now the company's set retirement date of April 2018 (which correspond to the additional six months from initial termination date of October, 2017) is around the corner.

So Windows users who are still in the process of updating to a current version of Windows 10, should mark April 10, 2018 on their calendar, which is the last day for supplemental servicing for Windows 10, version 1511.

Microsoft labels its feature upgrades in a yymm format, and its scheduled to receive a final set of security patches on April 10, after which it will require additional action from customers for eligible devices.

Also, Windows 10 mid-2016 feature upgrade, version 1607 will receive its last security patches that day on Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, and additional servicing for both Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10, versions 1607 will be available starting in May 2018 for a duration of 6 months at no cost.

While Microsoft added six months of support to all versions of Enterprise and Education, from 18 months to 24 for not only 1511, but also for 1607, 1703 and 1709.

The Windows 10 support timelines is 18 months for some SKUs, and 24 months for others to compliment the easy-to-understand practice of patching the different versions for a year and a half.

Microsoft support for Windows 10 generally will continue until 2025 and customers working to stay current will continue to have support channels available.
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