Google News Initiative: Partnership with the media for accurate breaking news

Google has unveiled the Google News Initiative, a partnership with news publications worldwide to help highlight the most accurate news stories, especially as it relates to breaking news, among other information.

The company is committing $300 million dollars over the next three years to meet this goal, with the internet giant already wooing some mainstream media companies.

While this is not Google's first attempt to salvaging the news media reach, the Google have had long running tools dedicated to surfacing accurate news, like: Stamp - a new platform that allow publishers to create visual media content similar to Snapchat’s Discover portal, and Outline, a tool that lets journalists set up a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection to the internet.

Google is now poised to work with news organizations to enhance their news reporting capabilities with different experiences, citing work with the South China Morning Post on the use of Google Earth Studio to create a virtual reality experience.

The company meanwhile have teamed up with the Poynter Institute, Stanford University and the Local Media Association to launch MediaWise, a platform designed to improve digital literacy for the young adults.

All these is coming on the heels of Google, alongside the social networks: Facebook and Twitter's increasing scrutiny over the kinds of stories highlighted in their different platforms with regard to accuracy.

Google in response to fake news problem launched the Disinfo Lab as First Draft to fight misinformation during elections and whenever news is breaking.

Additionally, Google has debuted Subscribe with Google, a tool that streamlines the sign-up and subscription process for premium news sources, with partners including: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Telegraph and the Financial Times.
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