Google set to disrupt the News Discovery platforms with Stamp

Stamp is a new platform that allow publishers to create visual media content similar to Snapchat’s Discover portal, developed by Google which is still in the early stages of testing, according to an insider. While the tech giant is already wooing some mainstream media houses, like: the Washington Post and Time Inc., to become part of the project.

The race to dominate News system is one that has attracted even the most unlikely candidate, Wikipedia, with growing interest to develop publishing tools for media companies, hoping to fill the void for accurate news, and other contents.

And the proliferation of such tools, spearheaded by Google and Facebook with "Instant Articles" is making news delivery faster and easier to access than through the browser, while creating a unique experience for users.

Albeit, Snapchat's "Discover" offers a distinct appeal, with its integration of text and photos on video clips, and allowing users to skip story or advertisement with the touch of a finger.

Stamp may obviously be different given its creators insatiable appetite for ads, and apparently will see more ads with articles popping up in a magazine-like design.

Google’s effort to work with publishers is dated back to its Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, project, which allows for faster loading of online news stories, especially conceived for mobile devices.

But, Stamp is overtly Snapchat-like technology and could be more appealing to publishers, as its likely to be tied to Google search and accessible via a publisher’s own media properties.

Google, however has declined comments with the statement: "We don't have anything to announce at the moment but look forward to sharing more soon."
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