YouTube goes social with Messaging and in-app Video sharing

YouTube had been testing a video sharing feature in its mobile app with select users for sometime, and now, the company has started rolling out the feature to all users. It allow users to send videos to friends and chat with them from within a new tab in the YouTube app.

While the messaging feature rolled out to users in Canada earlier in the year, with later expansion to parts of Latin America, the company now felt the feature is ready for the global audience.

And with feedback gained from the initial tests, YouTube had made some significant changes to original interface, including the chat tab that appears to users, and also the video stick to the top of the chat tab.

The novelty remains the ability to allow replying and chatting while users are watching a video, which gives the feature more of a social media touch.

Albeit, the overriding idea is to improve on some of the social activity that takes place with videos – sharing of the links and chats about the video – back into YouTube instead of third-party messaging apps.

It also allow users to find friends from their phone’s address book, but currently, no way to block such requests.

And YouTube allow users to reply to video they receive with another video, or even a heart, and sharing with up to 30 people is supported for now.

But no emoji responses and co-viewing as available in YouTube Uptime app, the company however assured on more improvements overtime. The feature is about now rolling out for both iOS and Android users worldwide.
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