Skype "Send Money" adds to plethora of new features coming to the messaging platform

Skype biggest redesign in its history brought more expressive group chat and messenger-oriented features, also a Snapchat Stories-like feature called Highlights, and a longer plan to upgrade group conversations with more capabilities.

And the company's seemingly insatiable desire to overhaul the service continues as it teams up with PayPal in hopes to be your go-to app for sending funds to friends and family.

Skype added the ability to send money on its app for Android and iOS as part of a new partnership with PayPal; with availability in 22 countries, the Send Money feature allows you to pay a friend from at any point from the conversation window.

While chatting with friends or family, you can simply swipe right, tap Send Money, and complete the money transfer processes.

Albeit, it requires a bit of setup, but it seems pretty straightforward; on your first attempt to use Send Money, you'll be prompted to confirm your location, and once your location is confirmed, it will ask you to link you PayPal account to your Skype profile if within eligible country, at which point PayPal will take over and handle transferring of the money.

And you'll have to be on the latest version of the Skype mobile app to use the Send Money feature, however the person who is receiving the funds can be using any version of Skype.

Microsoft has declined to comment on question whether the feature will be coming to the universal Windows Skype app any time soon.
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