Google Lens now available to all users of its Photos on Android

Google Lens, hitherto was only available to users of the Photos app on the latest Pixel phones, but now, Google is rolling out the feature to all Android users. Lens offers users a visual search engine that can recognize what’s in their images and scan business cards, among other image processing capabilities.

While the feature isn't yet foolproof, Lens can be both useful and frustrating at times, as it’s easier to take a picture of a landmark or restaurant to get more information than searching for it with a keyword.

Though you probably won’t need Lens to tell you when you're standing in front of the Burj Al Arab, the fact that it can show you more information about places of note, is actually quite handy.

And the ability to scan a business card can be pretty useful, though, most of us have done away with the good old business cards a long time ago. But users can also create a contact from a business card and certain phones will eventually be able to access Lens through Google Assistant.

Perhaps, Google’s visual search function could be improved upon to easily identify and annotate all objects, later in the future. Google had promise to bring Lens on Google Photos for iOS users soon, but no particular time frame has been set for it to happen.
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John Onwuegbu
3/16/2018 delete

Google Lens has finally arrived on iOS devices and that should be heart warming for Apple fanboys.