Apple Pay leads in Mobile Payments among Gen Z and Millennials in Q1 2018

While Google has brought all its different payment tools under one umbrella, Google pay, still it hasn't been able to fend off the Apple advances, as the number of e-commerce websites that support Apple Pay on the Safari browser continue to soar.

According to a survey by dealspotr, in this quarter's usage of mobile payments, particularly emerging mobile payments technologies such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are preferred among the Millennials and Generation Z shoppers.

As admittedly obvious, the young adults are the early adopters of new paradigms like influencer commerce and social-media driven shopping.

The survey was based on Google Market Research, in which about 1,000 people in total (comprising 500 Millennials - females and males aged 25 to 34 and 500 Generation Z - females and males aged 18 to 24), whose ages in summary are "young adults"category.

Against, the popular believe that there's a lackluster adoption of Apple Pay in general, the research findings indicates that this trend may be changing, especially among users between 18 to 35.

As Apple Pay dominates in usage and interest / affinity among young adults, and remarkably, 15% of young adults overall have used Apple Pay to pay while shopping online. And the majority of these cases involve paying for items through iOS mobile apps that connect to Apple Pay, indicating strong use of Apple Pay within native iOS applications.

While another 10% of young adults have used Apple Pay to pay in-store, which is broken down to 11% of Millennials and 10% of GenZers using Apple Pay to pay for items in the checkout line.

The 10% recorded with Apple Pay was significantly more popular than rival payment platforms such as Google's Android Pay (4%) and Samsung's Samsung Pay (2%) put together. Albeit, credit card and PayPal remain the most dominant forms of payment for online shopping.
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