Enter Google Pay: The Unification of all Google's payment tools

Google has finally brought all its different payment tools under one umbrella, Google pay, though the Android Pay app still maintains its distinct identity. But, the company has gone ahead to launch Google Pay for Android.

While the Google Wallet app has been redesigned for sending and requesting money, and it’s now called Google Pay Send and existing users on Android Pay will get updated over the course of the next few days.

Google is also introducing some new functionality that will make its payment service ubiquitous across all platforms.

The Google Pay app runs Google’s own Material Design, albeit it's basically similar design with Android Pay, but one notable change, is that the Google Pay home screen displays relevant stores around you where you can pay with Google Pay.

And the list is personalized, based on your location and previous stores where you've used the service. Additionally, it displays all of your recent purchases and you can add all of your loyalty cards to the app.

For now, only users in the U.S. and UK will be able to use the Google Pay app for sending and requesting money. Such users can also set up Google Pay right from their bank’s app without having to install Google Pay, and they can pay with Google Pay both on online and offline stores.

Google has made available the Google Pay API to help developers that want to integrate the payment system with their app or website, and then, they can accept payments through Google Pay.
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