AMP Stories Visual storytelling debut on Google Mobile

Google has been hard at work in surfacing relevant news stories, especially on mobile search, with the Stamp news system allowing publishers to create visual media contents, and now, the company has launched what it calls AMP Stories.

The AMP Stories will allow publishers to create visual-oriented stories in a mobile-friendly format similar to the Snapchat’s Discover portal. While the publishers will also be able to try out a developer preview of AMP stories, which feature swipeable slides of text, photos, graphics and videos.

It's built on same code from Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, a framework that allows webmasters to create webpages that load much faster than conventional pages on the mobile web.

Albeit, the AMP format have been criticized by some webmasters as too bare bones to allow for the full spectrum of digital ads, reducing their revenue per page view. And publishers have been eager to make money from the growing consumers viewing their content on mobile devices, with products designed to aggregate news and speed the loading of articles on mobile, such as Facebook’s Instant Articles.

Google is perhaps still in the process of building support for ads for the AMP stories format, but would the initial lack of monetization stall its adoption among publishers?

Google's track record in delivering relevant ads in all its platform is ingenuous, though AMP stories isn't revenue driven already, several publishers have already expressed willingness to experiment with the format.

AMP stories is currently been rolled out to users, you can find the stories by searching for one of the participating publishers (including: CNN, Cosmopolitan, Wired, Mashable, Vox Media, and The Washington Post) on Google Mobile search.
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