3 New Year’s resolutions for Voice Interfaces in 2018

The increasing popularity of devices like the Amazon Echo have made many consumers to get used to the idea of interacting with computers using their voice, now the new year may most probably define the application of this novelty in the Enterprise world.

Just imagine the possibilities when attending a business meeting, and having Amazon Echo (or any voice-driven device) sitting on the conference table, what ease it will afford for the enterprise.

From instant answers to common query, for instance instead of powering the PC, and opening a program like Excel to find the contact numbers, you can simply ask Alexa voice assistant on the device.

Below are three suggestions for ITs voice resolutions for 2018

  • Up until now the technology has been limited by how we interact with computers. We usually type keywords into Google as the only way we are allowed to enter information. While Interfaces to digital systems of the future will no longer be only human centric, but machine driven.
  • With an AI-driven sales tool that uses voice, type and touch, connected to a voice-enabled device would make a lot of sense.
  • Smartwatches, requiring no keyboard and infused with Alexa, even if there is no screen - provides a more natural way to interact with the device.

While Amazon is already at work to introduce Alexa for Business as a cloud service at re:Invent, but other cloud companies are also expected to follow suit in expanding voice services for developers, and making it easier to build voice into any interface.

Albeit, some cloud companies have been experimenting with Echo integration, such as Sisense, a BI and analytics tool company, had introduced Echo integration as early as 2016. Also Cisco introduced the Cisco Voice Assistant for Spark in November, employing voice technology it acquired with the MindMeld purchase to provide voice commands for common meeting tasks.

As 2018 is ushered in, even more instances of this type of integration both with the help of big cloud companies, and those trying to build something independent of those vendors, should become a norm.

These are just a few suggestions, however you can share whatever are your picks in a few lines in comments. Do have a great New Year!
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