Google Santa Tracker to help track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

The Yuletide is a time for so much fun, and what better way to while away the time than to chase the old childhood fantasy of Santa Claus. Now whether you believe it or not, you better watch out, or better still hold your doubt — as even Google is tracking Santa, maybe he's coming to town.

And you can follow Santa’s annual Christmas Eve voyage around the world from your PC, smartphone, or tablet via the Google Santa Tracker.

While Santa’s departure time depends on which version of the Santa-tracker you’re following, with the presents already wrapped, and the tree up, the stockings will soon be hung by the chimney.

Google’s Santa tracker offers a peek at Santa all month with its own version of an Advent Calendar, which leads up to the official commencement of tracking on Sunday.

Google’s tracking site also includes a mix of games, videos, and educational activities using Google services, with a few new items as well as many old classics, like the Elf Jetpack game and coding challenges.

It allows you to send fun, Mad Libs-style phone calls from Santa to friends in the U.S. and Canada, which calls are deliberately designed to be ridiculous — and to always bring a special smile to the recipients.

The Santa tracking begins around 10 a.m. UTC on Sunday, December 24, which is 5 a.m. Eastern or 2 a.m. Pacific and you can access it either by visiting the official Google Santa Tracker website or searching for "Santa Claus" on Google.
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John Onwuegbu
12/24/2017 delete

Ho ho ho! Let the fun begin. Merry Christmas folks.

12/29/2017 delete

On Christmas Eve I used the Google Santa tracker, it is the easier to get there and what make it amazing is that it has Christmas games.