Google Assistant gets tones of Third-party App support features

While Amazon's Alexa is notorious for third-party app support features, Google is now towing same line as it woos more developers on-board, with slew of new features to incentivize the community.

Google's step towards making Assistant a better experience, includes: a new push notifications, daily updates and additional language support.

The speaker-to-phone transfer capability is perhaps the most compelling of the new features, and it's possible via a new API that can start an action on a Google Home speaker and complete it on the phone. And the updated version of the Cancel command enables the app to send a polite farewell before logging off.

The API enable apps to send important updates to users on the phone, while the Google Home speaker support is still coming in the future.

For "Families badge" is also a new feature, which designates if an app is okay for the little ones and have support for additional languages, including Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

All this is coming on the heels of the recent Google addition of a number of new features to its Smart speakers offerings, along with the Pixel Buds, which have already started shipping.
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