What's Google's plans for the Stamp platform and its publishers?

While still in its early developmental stages, Stamp platform would allow publishers to create visual media content similar to Snapchat’s Discover portal, with publishers including The Washington Post and Vox Media, amongst others.

According to an insider source, Google is now giving the publishers incentive: as it's offering payment for some publishers to allay the costs publishers incur as they build content for the new platform.

Albeit, the actual amount been paid to publishers on the platform remains unknown, but Google doesn't seem to have plans to sell direct ads on the platform, at least for now, so publishers would need to generate revenue themselves.

The multimedia platform, though supposed to debut this month, with launch plans for the format to be available to a small percentage of mobile users at first, and eventually to all, may have been delayed by Google.

It's purportedly built on the open-source, fast-loading "AMP" mobile format developed by Google a couple years ago.

Stamp will serve as multimedia slide format, optimized for phones, that would live on Google's main site, and also to surface at the top of Google's search results. And it will allow both video/images and text, similar to Snap's Discover and Instagram's Stories.

Though publishers will be able to keep 100 percent of the revenue they generate, they won't have much inventory to sell, since the ads format won't be widely supported.
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