Google's YouTube admits running Russia-backed ads too

Just as Facebook admitted running over 150 political ads on Russian-operated Pages during the last U.S. election, Google too, have uncovered first evidence that Russian agents used Google to try to influence the presidential election.

Google investigation reveals that Russian agents spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads on YouTube, Gmail and Google search last year.

Albeit, the Google ads did not originate from the Kremlin-backed operations that's tied to the ads across Facebook and Instagram, which perhaps suggests that a number of different agents could be attached to the Russian political machinery.

The investigation came as pressure from the U.S. Congress mount on the tech giants, following their unforeseen role in ads that fueled hoax stories in people's news feeds, to determine the extent to which Russian-backed agents infiltrated the social media across the Web.

Google as the world's largest online advertisement platform, couldn't have been more involved in the propagation of the fake news than many realize.

Along with representatives from Facebook and Twitter, Google is expected to testify on the issue in front of Congress on November 1.
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