Snapchat partners with Artists to place Art Works on AR platform

Snapchat has launched an augmented reality (AR) platform which will allow art to be pinned to specific locations and made available to users when they hold up their phones at the spot; while pop artist Jeff Koons is named among the first artist on-board.

It is designed to place giant AR art sculptures in hotspots around the world that is only viewable via Snapchat.

It follows Snap's recent investments in AR, giving rise to the launch of augmented-reality world lenses, an interactive models that users can share in their snaps for advertisers.

The partnership with artist Jeff Koons will bring some of his iconic sculptures, like the balloon dog, to be digitally placed in Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York, and other popular public spaces around the world.

And the sculpture will appear on the user’s phone as they approach the given locations, allowing them to explore it up close, almost as if they were actually standing next to the real sculpture.

Albeit, it remains unclear whether Snap is currently working with other artists aside Jeff Koons, known for his giant faux balloon sculptures.

Snap indeed appears to be betting big on augmented reality, and perhaps it will keep users coming back to Snapchat over its competitors like Instagram.
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