Microsoft to discontinue Groove Music Pass; moves users contents to Spotify

Microsoft has hinted on plans to discontinue its Groove Music Pass service by the end of the year, with the 4-year-old service starting on December 31 will no longer be available for users to stream music.

Albeit, the company won’t discontinue the Groove Music app in Windows 10, and users will still be able to stream purchased and uploaded music stored on PC or OneDrive cloud service.

With the end of Groove Music Pass, which cost same as Spotify Premium, Microsoft will require any user who still want to stream music to connect its Groove Music service to a Spotify Premium account.

Microsoft will then move any music that the Groove user has purchased over to Spotify, which the company has acknowledged as preferred streaming service.

If you don’t want to move to Spotify, though, make sure you download your musics on PC, otherwise you’ll lose all contents.

There’s an exemption though, if you’ve purchased an annual subscription to Groove, Microsoft will refund your money at 120 percent.

And if your subscription (whether monthly, or a $99 annual one) ends after December 31, the company will refund you at a 120-percent rate by February 1, 2018, which Microsoft will issue a gift card for those that don’t have a card that accept refunds.

For Groove Music subscribers who want to close or transfer their accounts before the end of December 31, Microsoft has made available a detailed Groove Music Pass and Spotify FAQ.
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