YouTube makeover goes extreme with new Logo and icon

YouTube, the Google-owned streaming platform has clearly moved ahead of the pack with a slew new social features, including video sharing in its mobile app, and chat with friends from within a new tab. While it introduced a major redesign with a simpler look and feel, along with features like “dark mode” for nighttime surfing, for the desktop version.

Now, the company has extended the redesign and some new features to its mobile app, as it unveiled a new logo and icon.

As the earlier update included rebuilding the open source JavaScript library Polymer, it will allow Google to more quickly bring new features going forward.

The new YouTube logo is perhaps the biggest revamp since it's creation, as former changes had been minor tweaks with the original concept still at large.According to Google, the new logo – a cleaned up version of the YouTube text and icon – was designed to be more flexible across devices of different screen sizes.

The new logo and icon will be rolling out across desktop and mobile, before eventual arrival on other apps and services.

The most noticeable changes, however remains the appearance of YouTube, both overall interface and UX appeal. Albeit, the “dark mode” for night viewing won't be coming to the mobile app anytime soon, but the app will introduce various playback controls, including one that uses gestures.

The YouTube app will include the ability to speed up and slow down the playback of a video, similar to desktop experience; with new player that can change appearance to match the video format.

And to cap it all, YouTube will suggest videos while you’re watching in full-screen mode, which feature will be rolling out today.
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