Google rebrands Tango; ARCore to power Android devices

Google's Tango augmented reality platform, which to date, is known to be functional in very few devices, is now ARCore - the power of Tango coming to more Android phones. ARCore requires no additional hardware, just like Apple's ARKit and will bring full AR capabilities to millions of Android devices.

While the developer preview is limited to Pixel and Galaxy S8 phones running Nougat and above, Google had assured that ARCore will be available to millions of devices.

The ARKCore SDK works with Java/OpenGL, Unity and Unreal; while focusing on three core areas: motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation.

Google is still working on its larger-scale Visual Positioning Service, which will enable “world scale AR experiences” for indoor mapping, among other things. And just like Tango, it will scan your surroundings to figure out the best surfaces for placement, study the light to approximate shadows, and adjust position as you move.

ARCore is a huge step forward for AR on Android, and it’s sure to bring an influx of AR-ready apps to take advantage of the new platform.

Albeit, the immersive VR headset may rank higher than mobile AR, but the possibilities of mobile augmented reality: shopping, traveling, and performing other functions in the real world, outweighs them all.

ARCore brings Google on par with Apple, even as iOS developers have ARKit, so too, ARCore is available for developers who have a Pixel or Galaxy S8 for a start.
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