Backup and Sync on Windows & Mac just got Easier

Google has updated its “Backup and Sync” tool, which allows you to store photos, videos and documents from your PC in the same format on Google's cloud, essentially, combining the older apps’ functionality into one experience. The new app is a replacement for the older Google Photos desktop app, as well as the Google Drive client applications for both Windows and Mac.

It offers a simple user interface, which requires that you sign in to your Google account before access is granted, then you can select the folders you want to automatically back up to Google Drive.

The new tool is available for both Windows and Mac and replaces the older Google Photo backup app and Google's client app, which as a replacement maintains the current settings you’ve already specified on your PC.

Additionally, the backup tool can also be used to back up photos from USB-connected devices, like cameras, as well as SD cards.

Once back up is complete, your files can be accessed in Google Drive from any device — including your computer, smartphone or tablet. While the photos and videos will be available in Google Photos.

Note that Google Drive will only hold up to 15GB of your files for free. If you require extra space, it is available for a fee.
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