How Apple watchOS 4 is tied to health & fitness

Apple unveiled watchOS 4, the latest version of the operating system for its Smartwatch at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017)in June, with each new watchOS features been heavily skewed in the direction of health and fitness.

Though, Apple focused on a more personalized Apple Watch experience by improving what people love most about the Apple Watch, bringing in new Activity, and Music features, the overall theme remained health/fitness.

There are three new watch faces in watchOS 4, a new Siri watch face that offers dynamic and personalized information that changes based on the time of day, a photo-based Kaleidoscope face and a new Toy Story face starring Jessie, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear.

It allows the wearer to quickly begin any workout tracking with just a tap, so they can jump right into their workouts.

Also, there's a new custom motion and heart rate monitoring system, so the watchOS 4 can better track calorie burn. While swimmers will love the new Pool Swim tracking features that keep tabs on their sets, rests, pace, and distance for each type of stroke.

Apple watchOS 4 is compatible with numerous types of gym equipment from companies like LifeFitness, Matrix, StairMaster, and more.

The Heart Rate complication has been updated to show heart rate measurement when used in a complication section with enough room, against the previous complication that just offered a quick way to open the Heart Rate app.

With the Control Center's new Flashlight icon, in addition to providing a bit of light when it's dark out, the Flashlight can also serve as a safety light when you're working out at night.

The Workout app new interface makes it easier to start a workout. All of the available workout types are now listed in a vertical row, and starting one up is as simple as scrolling down, choosing the appropriate option, and tapping it.

It automatically turns on Do Not Disturb when a workout begins so the wearer aren’t interrupted.

Albeit, there's no longer the start button or an option to set calories, however you can tap on the dots on each menu item and choose to set a workout goal based on calories burned, distance traveled, or time.
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