How private is Google Search "Personal Tab" feature?

Google just added a new search feature dubbed "Personal tab", which will enable searchers to see own contents from email and photos, right on the main search page provided they're logged into their Google accounts.

The personal tab provides personalized search results from other Google Services that the user has subscribed to, like: Gmail, Google+, and Google Calendar.

While the private sources, includes emails and photos that a user might have taken in the past and uploaded to the cloud, which may mean revealing just too much, especially as accessible with a shared-PC or mobile device.

Even as skeptics have always questioned the level of users' privacy exposed in the background processing involved in most Google services.

Albeit, Google has stated that the personal search results don’t show up for everyone, and are limited to the user, it's still unclear right now whether the feature is limited to Gmail and Google Photos, or if it will also pull results from Google Drive and other Google services.

The Personal tab can be found behind the "More" menu on Google Search page, but the feature seems to be rolling out slowly to users worldwide.
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