Downside to Windows 10 S; Why Nerds won't budge

Microsoft has clearly stated that Windows 10 S is targeted at the classroom, with enhanced educational tools to make learning even more fun. But then, Windows 10 S only run apps from within the Windows Store, with possible exceptions to apps without access to low level functions, like apps that explicitly write to hardware or modify the system registry.

While the instances of low-level apps that won't run on Windows 10 S machines include the Windows Console, Cmd/PowerShell, or Linux/Bash/WSL.

Which apps are paramount for tech savvy students to code, or hack, and without access to low-level functions there's obvious limitation on the device, and the restriction on certain Windows Stores apps may deepen the nerds' skepticism.

And Microsoft is actively blocking "command-line" apps that run outside the safe environment of Windows 10 S, such that it can't possibly run the new downloadable Linux apps, even though present in the store.

Though it can install just like every traditional Windows 10 Universal app, but like command-line tools outside the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) sandbox and the secure runtime infrastructure, it won't run.

If Windows 10 S indeed does take off in the classroom, it would be hard to encourage kids to code, let alone, hack.
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