What Twitter's new default profile image as Generic, Serious and Unbranded means for users

Twitter's ubiquitous default "egg" profile image is giving way for a human silhouette, for users who haven't uploaded profile photos, and instead of a white oval inside colored square, is now the generic human silhouette.

According to the company, the generic silhouette is "something that encourages people to upload their own photos for more personal expression" and opines that the change is more than just aesthetic.

Twitter's reasoning is that getting rid of the egg could also cut down trolling and harassment, which takes place on the site by anonymous users. The social networking site claims the new default profile image has traits like: generic, universal, serious, unbranded, temporary and inclusive.

While associating the default egg profile photo and negative behavior, which it says, isn't fair to people who are new to Twitter and yet to personalized their profile photo.

Now that Twitter's default profile image is a generic human silhouette, it's time to bid farewell to the ubiquitous default "egg" profile image.
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