Recap: the geekiest April Fools' web pranks of all time

April Fools' Day ain't just for kids any more, as the tech companies also like to show they've got some sense of humor; so expect fake news even from the most unlikely sources out there. keep a watch on social media feeds as you're sure to find links across Twitter and Facebook about some ridiculous new venture from the likes of Google.

While company like Lyft - the uber usurper, have taken the heat on with the April Fools' Day that's already upon us, the ride-hailing company faked a new wearable that, it said, would let you catch a ride by raising a glove called the Mono. Hahaha!

We've scoured the web to find the geekiest April Fools' web pranks of all time, including the just past hoaxes so you would know what to expect.

Google's Toilet Internet

Rewind to 2007 is the introduction of the Google's Toilet Internet (Google TiSP) service. TiSP as weird as it sounds involves hooking up your home to wireless broadband through your toilet with an elaborate set of instructions involving gloves and a cable into porcelain throne. And it still stands out.

YouTube comes to DVD

YouTube introduced its "latest innovation," which let you "literally hold YouTube in your hand" - was the headline in 2012, advertising YouTube Collection promo set of DVDs containing every video uploaded to YouTube.

Mark Zuckerberg joins H&M

April Fools' Day 2016, Mark Zuckerberg & H&M collection site sprung up containing just seven basic gray T-shirts and one pair of jeans which isn't associated with either Zuckerberg or H&M.

Remember not to believe everything you see and relive the geekiest April Fools' web pranks of all time, as more jokes roll in, so watch out and remain skeptical.
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