Microsoft Edge brings next-gen support for VR, Video call and Online Gaming

Microsoft Edge browser bundled with Windows 10 Creators Update, brings some subtle features that unlock new web technologies like virtual reality and gaming so developers can build web apps of the future.

It also spot other features like the ability to hide tabs instead of outright closing the tab, which is handy for later use, with thumbnail previews of the tabs.

While the next-gen technologies supported in the latest version of Microsoft Edge, includes: WebVR, WebRTC and WebAssembly, along with Web Authentication, which lets websites authenticate your identity with Windows Hello face recognition.

Albeit, Edge still lags behind Firefox and Chrome browser when it comes to support for new standards, but Microsoft is poised to bringing improvements to the browser faster to make it more competitive.

According to the company, Progressive web app support is a top-three priority list item for developer versions of the browser this year.

Meanwhile, both Firefox and Chrome browsers already support progressive web apps, which let web apps work even without network connection, and make websites load faster, with support for push notifications.
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