How Google's AutoDraw makes a better Artist with Artificial Intelligence

Google has been making great strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and recently the tech giant experimented by pitching its machines against human players at the board game Go. Now, the company has employed the same technology behind its "Quick, Draw!" AI Experiment, which utilizes a neural network to recognize doodles to partner with artists to create some of the suggested sketches in AutoDraw.

AutoDraw is a new web-based drawing tool, which will turn your terrible Microsoft Paint sketches into actual pictures.

By simply sketching an image with your finger (or on your desktop with a mouse) and Google's machine learning will detect what you're trying to draw, and makes the appropriate corrections in rendering a better impression of the image.

The tool scored great marks in experimental rendition of the ultra minimalist animal sketches of the doodler, Pablo Picasso, as Google understands Picasso's animal sketches better than even the best artists.

But, how much does a neural network really understand modern art; as even the smartest machines have their limits?
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