NSA Hacking tools: Are Windows users at risk?

The Shadow Brokers (TSB), a hacker group that published several leaks on the National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tools including zero-day exploits, has released details on malware designed for breaking into Windows computers.

The malware is targeted at enterprise firewalls, and tied to the NSA's Tailored Access Operations, it's capable of making millions of Microsoft users vulnerable to malicious third-party software.

The NSA hacking tools enable attackers to break into and even control all versions of Windows computers, with the possible exception of those running Microsoft's latest software version, Windows 10.

Albeit, TSB is business-oriented hacking group trading in information, and ready to sell to the highest bidder, it appears to be highly competent, as no customer of the Broker is allowed to gain a significant advantage, thus forcing the customers to continue trading information.

While reports suggest that the leak started at least in the beginning of August, with the initial publication haven commenced on August 13, 2016, as revealed in a Tweet from the Twitter handle, @shadowbrokerss ‏, announcing a GitHub repository containing references and instructions for the decryption of the content of the file.

Microsoft, however, maintains that the exploits disclosed by Shadow Brokers have already been patched in its previous software updates, and customers with up-to-date software are not at risk.
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