Google's messaging app, Allo getting incognito group chats and web client

Allo, debuted as a smart messaging app aimed to make conversations easier and more expressive, and now Google seems to be nearing the formal release of the Allo web client, as revealed in a tweet by Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications Product.

With Allo 9.0 getting an intriguing reference to back up chats to Google Drive, and the ability to sync saved conversations (including images and videos) to phone, invariably pointing to a possible support for web client.

Also, other new features in the works, include: incognito group chats and selfie-generated sticker packs.

Google had been hard at work on easing out messaging on Android, and had earlier commenced a push to make Android Messages (formerly, Google Messenger) the default on all Android phones, which makes it rather unclear as to the level of priority accorded its other messaging apps.

Albeit, the Allo web client is “still in early developmental stage,” Google’s messaging strategy for Android phones though confusing, but at least the Allo picture is starting to get a bit clearer.
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