How Facebook Safety Check helps in an Emergency

Safety Check is a feature on Facebook that enable users in a given geographic area mark themselves as safe after disasters, such as an earthquake; giving friends and family members relief from worrying about whether a relative is affected. It offers connection on the social network to seek relief and provide support during times of crisis.

Facebook has recently expanded its Safety Check feature to not only allow friends to declare they’re safe after a disaster, but also enable locals to offer assistance to people nearby.

The crisis assistance involves galvanizing local communities to support each other in tangible ways, as victims can avail the platform to ask for help in any of around 10 categories, including food, shelter, water, transportation, and pet supplies.

While those in a position to help can then search the Safety Check feed or post on what they can offer, and get connected to victims over Messenger who are in need of their offers.

The company has taken extra precautions as it provides more organizational infrastructure, which includes stranger-danger tips to victims and providers, with research on meetings eventualities.

Albeit, Facebook doesn't link its charitable giving and crisis aid features to let people from afar contribute monetarily.

The Community Help addition will be initiated for natural disasters and accidents, like earthquakes or building fires, starting with the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Saudi Arabia before becoming available worldwide.
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