Banned Uber Drivers; Here are 5 Alternatives

While Uber remains the leading taxi-hailing service, most of its partner drivers have been screwed up, owing to bad ratings by riders, a partner driver's account can be deactivated, which probably for most they'll be thinking of getting on-board another taxi-hailing service.

Albeit, if your account has been deactivated for the first time, there are steps you can follow to get your Uber driver account restored, and return back to work.

But, that's not the case for anyone whose account have been banned twice, there isn't any further option to get back to Uber, for those, we've compiled the best Uber alternatives based on availability and positive feedback.

1. Lyft

Available in about 50 countries, including Nigeria, Lyft is pretty much like Uber and has got solid options in many areas, which sets it as the best competitor to Uber. Lyft allows in-app tipping (just like Uber), so drivers don't have to exchange cash at all on a trip.

Lyft offers superior driver support, most probably because they're new entrant, and the drivers are paid better and tend to be treated better.

2. Curb

Curb taxi-hailing app works directly with licensed taxi drivers, and allows payment within the app; also in cash or in any other method available in the specific country. Now available in over 60 U.S. cities, but global expansion isn't feasible at the moment.

3. 99Taxis

99Taxis connects riders with taxi drivers, and uses Paypal inside the app to process payments. It's pretty popular in Rio (and throughout Brazil), and is currently expanding into Europe.

4. Hailo

Hailo links you with a professional taxi or licensed car service driver "in just two taps" and it's available across 12 cities worldwide, albeit, no U.S. cities.

5. Careem

Available in many cities across northern Africa and the Middle East, Careem offers multiple levels of service as well as the ability to book in advance. It has some features of more traditional travel agencies, including the ability to earn air miles.

If for any reason your Uber driver account was deactivated owing to the company's tactics — and you should — use any of the listed alternatives to get back to work, that's provided they're fully functional and available in your country.
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