What Adblock Plus crack on Facebook's "unblockable" ads means for users

Barely two days into the rather cheering news (for marketers) that Facebook has successfully worked out a circumvent for blocking the ad blockers, Adblock Plus has announced a new filter for the "unblockable" Facebook ads, and tied to the EasyList filter used by the extension.

While tracking technologies like cookies, which follow users around the Web and use their activity to serve targeted ads are repulsive to users, most companies, Facebook included, maintains that as their services are free, advertising is necessary to offset the cost that goes into providing such services.

Facebook’s ad blockers circumventing means that both ad content and non-ad content will appear the same with ad-blocking software installed.

Even as ads support those free services, giving people the power to chose what is shared rather than paying ad blocking companies to block the ads, putting control in people’s hands with ad preferences and other advertising controls is a better way to go.

Albeit, Facebook users have been given the option to control what appears on their profile, and if an ad in News Feed on desktop or in the app is appropriate, click or tap the drop-down arrow on the top left of the ad, and then choose “Manage your ad preferences” to uncheck.

There, Facebook has selected a list of interests for you based on your activities, and it will continue to add information to your profile as you tap on ads or like pages, but you've got an option to edit it.

Adblocking is a contentious issue, while some users activate adblockers for a number of reasons, ranging from privacy and security concerns to sheer ads dislike.
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