Twitter Moments: Tell your own Stories using the popular Social Network

Twitter now allow influential people and brands create their own "Moments" by adding their own tweets and content to Moments on Twitter, which will eventually be open to everyone using the popular social networking platform.

Moments on Twitter is a new feature that uses hand-picked tweets, videos and images to track major events in real time, including breaking news, sports and entertainment.

The company aims to give people new and dynamic way to tell their stories by extending this creative format to more people, and eventually to everyone on Twitter.

Started about 10 months ago, Moments has been curated by small group of publishing partners, but now, the social network plans to open up the feature to everyone.

Twitter users can find Moments by tapping the lightning bolt tab on the social network, albeit, only a group of influential people and brands are allowed to create own Moments, but soon everyone will be able to create Moments on Twitter.
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