Google Doodle "Fruit Games" to celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics

Google launched a series of interactive doodles to mark the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, with the "Fruit Games" playable either on the browser or on Google app for Android and iOS, and will feature a different game each day.

Google had always featured different style of Doodles to mark each Olympic games, but for Rio 2016 Olympics, Google started something pretty weird, "Fruit Games".

The "Fruit Games" doodle, which appeared in coincidence with the Olympics' opening ceremonies, also features a minute YouTube video in which animated fruits from a fruit stand in Rio, compete in sports like marathons, spider-riding, water polo, bicycle racing and golf.

While the YouTube video is quite entertaining, it's actually a promo for its new game right inside the Google app for iOS and Android.

The app features seven different competitions, including a running game where a strawberry tries to outrun a watermelon, and there's also a swimming game where the game-control involves tilting your phone back and forth to avoid floating ice cubes.

Albeit, it remains unclear if Google may introduce human-figures in the games as competing in the actual Olympics, but till then, you'd have fun competing with the fruits.
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