PowerShell for Linux (Ubuntu, Centos and Redhat) and Mac OS X coming soon

Microsoft has clearly demonstrated absolute embrace of open source, as it announced on Thursday that Windows PowerShell - a task automation and configuration management framework is breaking out of the aged restrictions of Windows and going open source.

With PowerShell GitHub page to allow developers to download binaries of the software, as well as to have access to the app’s source code, the company will also release alpha versions of PowerShell for Linux (Ubuntu, Centos and Redhat) and Mac OS X.

While developers who already commands proficiency with Microsoft’s scripting language will be able to bring them to new platforms.

Microsoft's move to open up the product has made the skills of Windows administrators even more marketable, as well as possible for Linux users to get access to additional set of tools that can be useful to manage a variety of systems.

The company also announced the release of the PowerShell Editor Service, including support for debugging, albeit, support for other editions will be coming in the future.

The open sourcing of .NET programming frameworks in 2014 is perhaps what paved the way, by making the codes of PowerShell available on Linux and Mac OS X.
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