Microsoft makes Two-factor Authentication (2FA) easier with a single App

Microsoft has rolled out a new app for Android and iOS, that makes two-factor authentication (2FA) easier and simple by unifying its former authenticator apps: Azure Authenticator and Microsoft Account, with a new version called Microsoft Authenticator.

Before now, Microsoft two-factor authentication apps are somewhat complicated, making something that's supposed to ease login even more complicated.

While authenticator app isn't quite a novelty, the new app really does something anyone using Microsoft’s platform will appreciate.

When a user tries to log into a Microsoft account, instead of requiring you to enter an authentication code on your PC, the app will pop-up an alert to let you authorize the login with a tap on your mobile device.

Albeit, Google rolled out a similar feature on Android and iOS for Google accounts, Microsoft Authenticator on Android is aimed at enterprise-users and will be handy for Microsoft-powered applications.

The company, however, seems to have reserved the best feature, ability to log in to a nearby computer with a single tap, which is coming first to Windows 10 Mobile once the beta version of the new Microsoft Authenticator goes live.

The app is now available on iOS and Android, with the Windows 10 Mobile app arriving as soon as it exits the internal beta.
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