Snapchat Memories: New in-app Camera roll for saving your Photos and Videos

Snapchat, the popular photo-sharing app hopes to become your default camera roll with the introduction of a new feature called Memories - in-app camera roll for saving and searching your photos and videos.

With this new feature, Snapchat has also integrated a searchable media archive, and sharing capabilities for the photos and videos (as Snaps and Stories) that vanish after 24 hours.

Albeit, this is the first time Snapchat is employing the Cloud for backing up content longer than 24 hours, reshared Snaps will have a time frame around it to indicate to viewers that it is from the past.

Additionally, Snapchat Memories includes a “My Eyes Only” section for storing password-protected Snaps. And, according to Snapchat: “No one can view it without the passphrase, not even Snapchat".

While Snapchat require users to share photos and videos with this in-app camera, it is looking to becoming the default camera roll.

Snapchat Memories will be rolling out over the next few weeks on iOS and Android.
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